Comparison of modern techniques for analyzing NFRs in Agile: A systematic literature review

  • Siraj Un Muneer BUITEMS
  • Muhammad Nadeem
  • Bakhtiar Kasi
Keywords: Agile Methodologies, Agile, Scrum, NRFs, Software security, software engineering, software architecture, security requirements, SLR


The need for focusing security requirements for software projects is of great significance. There is a large number of studies conducted on gathering and eliciting security requirements in requirements management process. The objective for this systematic literature review is to make a comparison of some modern requirements management techniques with classic techniques for managing Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) in Agile Software Methods. We identified 25 research articles and pointed out some weaknesses found in classic requirements management techniques used with Agile Methodologies. We examined the weaknesses posed by some requirements management techniques and mapped them with the strengths offered by modern ones. This research contributes in identifying solutions discussed in the literature to overcome the weaknesses found in classic requirements management techniques.