An Empirical Assessment of the Role of Password Compliance

  • Iqbal Amiri Nova Southeastern University
  • Jared Briggs Nova Southeastern University
Keywords: Password Compliance


Password and password protection systems are the most frequently attacked security systems. However, passwords are considered the first line of defense in computer-based systems, when it comes to user authentication. The purpose of this study was to measure user’s behaviors and their adherence to password compliance when organizations change to a new password policy. This study also identified how users protected and stored their passwords. The instrument used for this study was a survey, which collected data from 60 participants. The survey collected data, how users created new passwords, and how users protected their passwords. Pre-screening was performed for Mahalanobis Distance and descriptive statistics prior to analysis. The data was analyzed for confirmatory factor analysis, and Cronbach Alpha if items would be deleted. End user computer skills and password-protected storage were found to influence password structure. Future research could include a larger sample size and include the entire population beyond information technology.